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A Moving House Checklist When children are involved.

It is essential if you want to make your move as easy as possible.

This checklist will help you to understand the real problems children face during the moving process.

It also highlights areas that you should prepare for.

Tell Your Children Early.

Tell your children as soon as possible about the house move. Children are quick to notice when something is happening.

Talking it Through.

Take the time to talk to each child individually about the move. Discuss Their Concerns.                                             

Children should feel encouraged to voice any concerns about moving and ask lots of questions.

Packing there rooms and Toys.

Let your children help with some house packing, Its good practise to allow your children to pack their own toys     

Planning the process  

Explaining the process to your children before the move, greatly helps them prepare and can remove any anxiety they may have and simply gives them a better understanding,  

Planning The Day Of Your House Moving  

Setting a the date as early as possible. will help Avoid cancellation/postponements, which can be costly. Then contact utility companies Make arrangements with your gas/electricity board well in advance.

Running your Deep freezer down and food stocks is advisable.

Flatpack Furniture This can be challenging! Most Flatpack furniture is not designed to be disassembled and reassembled. It doesn’t work well again and insurance won’t cover it. It can be moved complete but the joints might become loose.  The price of a removals company will depend on the details of your quote and is generally given as an option. It is always best to hire professionals and pay for a complete service.

White Goods

If you are moving white goods its always best to disconnect washing machines and dishwashers a few days before the removal, this is so if there are any leaks left behind you have plenty of time to callout a plumber, leaving this till the day can create unwanted stress.

Packing your valuables

We would always advise to start packing as early as possible, a good place to start is with garages and sheds, these areas often get over looked and left till the last minute, once starting the house its advisable to pack in one room at a time, leaving the bare essentials as a minimum this helps organise the process. So you could now use some of the space you’ve created in the garage to store the boxes.

Professional packers

Alternatively ask your removal company to carry out a full packing service for you, this will remove all the stress of doing it your self.

Parking at the load address

All House moves are different and parking the Removal Lorry can be tight, its a good idea to speak with your neighbours and arrange for them to hold spaces, and some times make them aware your movers may need to park across there drive due to the length of the vehicle.


The same issues maybe faced at the new property, so again talking to your new neighbours is advisable, this is also a great way to get to know them.

When unloading having a plan of where your furniture Is to be placed helps the removal team, and make everything run a lot smoother.

This is also a time to consider the children, they will naturally be very excited, to safe guard them its important they remain off the ramps and the removals lorry.

We would always advise preparing the children’s bed rooms first, this helps them settle with there belongings around them, and again unpacking one room at a time will help organise the home in a more efficient way.

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