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Finding the right removal company for you

It is not easy to find the right removals company for your move. It is possible to get it wrong. Complications and possibly higher costs can make moving home a difficult task.

How do you pick the right removal company to help with your move? What is the best way to define “best Is it on reputation? Is it based on price or Availability? How to choose the right Redditch removal company.


Begin by getting at least three quotes to help you choose your preferred removal company. Whilst you can get a quote online, it is recommended that you contact local removal firms as they will be more happy to call out and provide a pre move survey. And may charge a lower price.

Where do the costs come from…

The price of your move will depend on how many items you need to move. Access issues and other factors can also play a role. It is important to arrange a pre-move survey, either via video-link, onsite or by filling out a questionnaire. You must make sure that all areas have been assessed. This includes the loft, cupboards, Garage, gardens etc. Ensure that you include every item that needs to be moved. You may receive lower estimates if you generate your own quotation using online volume calculators. The risk of higher charges on moving day is then greater. If you do it this way, forgetting to add the boxes for each room. is something we see on many quotes, and will greatly effect the volume and time allowed for your removal.

Why you shouldn’t Purchase based on price

Whilst price is important and must be considered, it shouldn’t be the primary criteria for choosing a removal company. It is important to choose reputable companies that have professional accreditations like Move Assured the BAR and are well-respected. You are not looking for additional problems, but a solution. Accredited removal companies are required to maintain the highest standards in equipment, facilities, and staff training, as well as operational to a code of conduct. It is important to ensure that your removal company has insurance. If they do, you should review their TCs to see what you are covered for. Additional insurance coverage is offered by some companies, which usually covers a portion of the goods’ value.

Making the final choice

You can check the reviews posted on consumer review sites such as Google. It’s always useful to see the experiences of other house movers and to assess the feed back. on there chosen removal company. Compare like for like Extra services may not be included in some quotes, such as parking and dismantling furniture. Make sure you get all the details correct on your removal quote, so you can compare like for like You should always ask as many questions as possible, in order to the choose the removals company for you.

So if you are looking to move, you can call our Office on 01527 549134 or email us on [email protected].

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