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Step by step moving home guide

Moving home can be a challenging and stressful experience which is why we have created a comprehensive moving home guide. Most people will only do it a few times in their lives. To help ease the unfamiliarity, we go out of our way to make the process as painless and straightforward as possible for our customers. Our goal is to provide the best levels of service available, allowing our customers to feel secure in the knowledge that their needs are taken care of throughout their move.

It is easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work involved – however, we understand that this transition doesn’t have to be complicated. We provide specialised services designed to alleviate the pressures associated with a big move and get you settled into your new home as smoothly as possible. With our help, you can get all the basics done quickly so you can settle in and start your life anew! See our moving home guide and let us help you get moved. 

Who are Thompson & Son Removals

Thompson & Son Removals is a Redditch Removals Company covering most the West Midlands. We are a great choice for a reliable and efficient removal service. We’re a family-run business with extensive experience in packing, moving and storage. We provide our customers with professional yet kind attention to ensure stress-free moves from one place to the next. Not only do we pride ourselves on upholding high-quality standards, but we also care deeply about keeping costs low – so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank to make your move achievable. Locate in Redditch, a short distance from Birmingham, we’re ideally located to cover all West Midlands and surrounding counties, with superb access to the North on the M6, and to London on the M40.


Let us help you with our step-by-step moving home guide..

Get in touch

You will experience comprehensive customer service when making your first call. Our removal team has years of unrivalled expertise; they note down all the necessary details, setting up an appointment with one of our removal surveyors. This is done to guarantee that every aspect of your move goes as planned - ensuring your furniture arrives safely and in impeccable condition at its destination. The surveyor will fully assess everything that needs to be moved and offer the best possible plan for you. Here at our office, we believe it is essential to view your property to tailor a specialist service that meets all your requirements. If there should be any problem with arranging an on-site visit, get in touch, and we'll be happy to take any requests over the phone and provide an accurate removal quote based on your measurements and descriptions.

Planning and costing up

Our removals surveyor can help you work out your needs regarding house-moving tasks. The surveyor will discuss what kind of service you would prefer. Whether that means asking for a fully inclusive package with furniture packing services included or just advice and assistance on how to pack up all your belongings yourself - it is all down to you as the customer. Our surveyor will review everything that requires relocating to create an accurate cost estimate. This approach ensures you know exactly how much the entire process will cost before committing to anything. The price quoted is based on the cubic space ofyour belongings, as well as any furniture dismantling and re-assembling needs; in addition to distance travelled, which all play a role in determining the final fee. Rest assured, when you hire our professional removals team, you'll be able to calculate every penny before work commences - we don't believe in hidden fees.

Setting a moving date

The uncertainty of a moving date gives some customers great anxiety. While having a confirmed move-in date would provide peace of mind, many clients worry that something may go wrong or not quite as planned. With this in mind, it’s not surprising that some clients hesitate to commit to putting down a deposit; after all, it feels unsafe to invest in something when there is no guarantee all will work out as planned. Despite best efforts, changes may still occur, and in this case, we request that our customers alert us of any changes as soon as possible, and we will try our best to accommodate them. We understand that life can get busy, so adjustments need to be made, and we are happy to help.

Finally time to move!

Moving day can be challenging and requires delicate caution when handling your belongings. Our team will carefully wrap your furniture and transport it with extra safety measures. Before packing, we will assess the weight of each item to manage the packing of our transport vehicles. On top of all this, we guarantee your possessions are handled as if they were our own valuable items - so don't worry - the utmost respect and care will be given throughout the tedious process of moving. We are, of course, fully insured. With our professional movers, you can rest assured that your property is safe in our hands.

And there you have it, the complete 4-step moving home guide for a safe and successful move! From the initial call to settling in your new home, our expert team is here to ensure everything goes according to plan. Contact us today and get your stress-free move started! If you’re moving to Birmingham for the first time, click here for some useful information!