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Don’t overspend! Keep bills low and compare gas suppliers for your new home

Summary: With the cost of living rising rapidly across the UK, homeowners are left wondering how to lower their utility bills and find the best deal for their gas. Here, we outline how to compare gas suppliers for your new home and what steps to take to lower your gas bill.

Moving house can be an expensive process, and the last thing you want is to be tied into an expensive contract with the wrong gas supplier at the end of it. With living costs rising across the UK, it’s more important than ever to ensure that you’re benefiting from the best deals on your utilities. In this blog, we outline our top tips for keeping your gas bill down and how to compare gas suppliers for your new home.

How to compare gas suppliers for your new home

When choosing a new gas supplier, it’s important that you don’t jump into a contract with the first company that you come across. Comparing your options ensures you’ll benefit from the best deal for your home, saving you money on your gas in the long run. When choosing a gas supplier, consider:

• Do you want a fixed or variable tariff?
• Would you prefer a green gas supplier?
• How long do you want the contract to last?
• What standard of customer service do they offer?

Comparing potential gas-only suppliers with price comparison site Switch Plan can help you to weigh up the features of each deal and choose a contract that is right for you and your new home. Packed full of useful advice for homeowners, Switch Plan allows you to compare top gas suppliers and make the most of your hard-earned cash.

How to lower you gas bill

Don’t block radiators

When arranging the layout of your new home, ensure you don’t block sources of heat with your furniture. Covering your radiators prevents the system from effectively heating your property, which means you will use more gas trying to warm up your home. Clearing furniture or curtains away from heat sources is an easy way to optimise your gas usage and cut down on bills during the colder months.

Lower your thermostat

If the heating system in your new property runs on gas, lowering your thermostat by just a couple of degrees can make a huge difference to your monthly gas bill. It’s unlikely that you will notice a difference in the overall temperature of your property, however, you’re likely to see a significant saving on your monthly statement!

Insulate your home

Whilst most new properties are efficiently insulated to stay warm during the colder months and cool during the summer, this may not be the case with older properties. Consider upgrading the insulation of your home by installing double-glazed windows. This will prevent precious hot air from escaping during the winter and will keep your home cool during the summer – all whilst lowering your gas usage.

Consider contract length

Have you moved into your forever home, or are you signed up for a short-term tenancy? Consider the length of time you will be likely to stay at the property before signing a new contract with a gas supplier. Rental tenants will likely prefer a short-term contract with low cancellation fees should they need to move on, however, homeowners may benefit from lower tariffs when signing up for a longer contract. Use Switch Plan to compare your options and find the best gas supplier for your new home.

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