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Thinking about Removals UK to Ireland? Thompson & Son are a West-Midlands based removals company, specialising in national and European house removals. If you are looking to move home or come into storage, we have you covered. With over 60 years of domestic and commercial removals experience. All our staff are fully trained removals experts, and we aim to bring you the best service at all times. Irish removals do not need to be overly complex, and we can take care of all the paperwork necessary for a move to Ireland. 

Why Move to Ireland?

  1. Breathtaking Natural Beauty: If you decide to move to Ireland, you’ll be surrounded by some of the most stunning landscapes in the world. From the rugged cliffs of Moher to the serene beauty of Killarney National Park, Ireland’s natural beauty is sure to captivate you. With efficient Ireland removals services, your transition to enjoying this emerald paradise can be seamless and stress-free.

  2. Rich History and Culture: Ireland is steeped in history and culture, offering an immersive experience for those who appreciate ancient architecture, folklore, and literature. As you prepare for the move to Ireland, you can look forward to exploring historic castles, learning about Celtic mythology, and experiencing the lively local music and dance scene.

  3. Friendly Locals and Welcoming Communities: Known for their warmth and friendliness, the Irish people are renowned for making newcomers feel right at home. The sense of community in Ireland is strong, which can make your move to Ireland a welcoming and enriching experience. Our reliable removals Ireland services can ensure your belongings arrive safely, helping you settle into your new community with ease. With over 100,000 UK citizens resident in Ireland, you can be sure that we can help you join them when the time is right for you.

Removals UK to Ireland Made Easy.

How Is it done?

  • The first step is to contact us to obtain a quote for your move to Ireland. Click here to get a quote.
  • We will then contact you to arrange an in-person or a video survey of all your goods and provide you with a free quote.
  • Come moving day we will come and pack your belongings and strategically load the vans in preparation for transporting.
  • We will move your belongings to Ireland via road and channel crossing. Once we arrive at your new home, we will offload your belongings into the desired rooms, making a smooth Ireland removal with zero stress.

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Did you know?

There are nearly as many sheep a there are people in Ireland. According to a census completed in 2019 the combined population of both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland comes to 6.79 million people compared to the 5.78 million sheep.

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Visas for Ireland

Moving from the UK to Ireland presents a unique case due to the Common Travel Area (CTA) agreement between the UK and Ireland. Thanks to the CTA, UK citizens do not need a visa to live, work, or study in Ireland. Here’s what you should know about the CTA and moving to Ireland as a UK citizen:

Common Travel Area (CTA)

The Common Travel Area is an arrangement between the UK, Ireland, the Isle of Man, and the Channel Islands that predates both countries’ membership in the EU and has continued post-Brexit. Under the CTA:

  • Freedom of Movement: UK citizens can move freely to Ireland and vice versa without immigration controls.
  • Residency: UK citizens have the right to reside in Ireland without needing a visa or residency permit.
  • Employment: There are no restrictions on working, so you won’t need a work permit.
  • Access to Services: UK citizens living in Ireland can access social welfare benefits, healthcare, and public services similar to Irish citizens, and the same applies to Irish citizens in the UK.

What You Need

Although you don’t need a visa or residency permit, there are a few things to consider and arrange for your move:

  • Passport: While you don’t need a passport to travel between the UK and Ireland due to the CTA, it’s practical to have it for identification purposes and for registering with public services.
  • National Insurance Number: To work in Ireland, you’ll need to provide your UK National Insurance number until you get a Personal Public Service (PPS) number, which is the Irish equivalent.
  • Driving License: You can use your UK driving license in Ireland, but it’s advisable to exchange it for an Irish driving license after moving.
  • Healthcare: Register with a local General Practitioner (GP) once you move, to access healthcare services.

Post-Brexit Considerations

The CTA’s rights and privileges for UK and Irish citizens remain unchanged despite Brexit. Both governments have committed to maintaining the CTA arrangements, ensuring that the movement of people, access to employment, healthcare, education, and social benefits will continue as before.

It’s always a good idea to keep informed about any potential changes in legislation that might affect your rights under the CTA. For the most current and detailed information, checking official government resources of both the UK and Ireland is advisable.

Direct And Groupage-Shared Options

There are two main ways to transport your goods abroad, these are Direct and Groupage-shared.

Direct Move
This service generally means we come and pack your belongings and then head straight to the boat and directly to your new property on your chosen dates. A direct-shared move is ideal for those who need to move quickly and want the assurance that their items will arrive at their destination on a specific date.

Groupage-Shared Move
This option is generally chosen for a number of reasons, such as when your consignment is not a full house, or you are in no particular rush for delivery. These loads are grouped together with other customers’ belongings, which is reflected in the costs being lower. A groupage-shared move allows for greater flexibility and can be more cost-effective for those with smaller consignments or more relaxed timeframes.

Moving to Ireland should be an exciting adventure, and choosing the right removal company can make all the difference. With Thompson & Son’s expertise, personalised service, and commitment to customer satisfaction, you can trust us to take care of every aspect of your move, ensuring a smooth transition into your new life in Ireland.

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