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What Does It Cost To Move Home? Advice From A Redditch Removals Company

What Does it Cost to Move Home? Advice from a Redditch Removals Company

Moving home can be expensive, especially when you factor in moving costs. But with the help of a reliable Redditch removals company like Thompson & Son Removals, you can reduce your outgoings and ensure you stay on budget. 

What Effects the Cost of House Removals?

Several factors can affect the total price when calculating the cost of house removals. These include:

• The amount of stuff that needs packing and moving
• The distance travelled between new homes
• Any additional services, such as storage or packing materials supplied by the removal company
• The number of furniture items that need dismantling and reassembling once delivered to their new homes. The cost of house removals can also vary depending on where you live. If you’re based in a more rural area, for example, then it may cost more due to travel time and fuel costs incurred by the removal team

What are the Costs Of Selling a House?

Selling a house usually involves estate agent fees, solicitor fees, survey costs and stamp duty. On average, though, according to, it can cost around £14207 to sell a property in England or Wales, with only around £649 being related to house removals fees – so while they’re some elements out of your hands – at least you can keep this part under tight control!

How To Reduce Your Removal Company Costs?

If you want to keep your removal company costs as low as possible, then do your research! Make sure you get quotes from several different companies so that you understand all their services and charges for them before agreeing to anything. Additionally, you should:

• Shop around for special offers, including insurance policies which are usually bundled with most professional removals companies
• Check customer reviews online
• Always request an onsite estimate from each company that quotes you 
• Don’t be afraid to ask about any discounts if applicable too (i.e. student discount etc.)

• Finally – don’t leave it until the last minute when demand is likely going to be higher, so prices go up – book early!

 At Thompson & Son Removals, we have had years of experience providing high-quality yet affordable Redditch House Removals. Our friendly staff come highly recommended, and we manage every aspect of your move.

Why Choose Thompson & Son Removals

If you’re looking for a reliable Redditch moving company to help with house removals in Redditch, then Thompson & Son Removals should be your first choice. We’ll make sure that your house removal process runs smoothly and stress-free. Here are just a few reasons why you should choose us: 

• Affordable prices: Our specialist removal prices are amongst the most competitive in Redditch – without compromising on quality
• Professional service: Our team are highly experienced when it comes to navigating even the trickiest of house removals – so you can rest assured that your possessions will be handled carefully and safely throughout
• Range of services: We offer a range of additional services, including furniture dismantling and assembly, packing materials and insurance
• Local experience: We have extensive knowledge of the local area, which guarantees that no job is too big or too small for us! We understand that moving home can be a daunting process

At Thompson & Son Removals, our experience, skill and dedication ensure that your move is a success. Get in touch today to receive an affordable quote for house removals in Redditch.


At Thompson & Son Removals, we take pride in offering exceptional yet affordable house removal services across Redditch and beyond – our expertise and wealth of experience guarantee smooth sailing throughout your move, whether big or small. So if you’re looking for a reliable Redditch removals company, look no further – Contact us today to find out how we can help you stay on budget while enjoying a stress-free moving experience!

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