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Thompson & Son - West Midland Removals
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One evening I was called out to a property in Solihull, the client had not been able to book a Solihull removal company.

I went out and did a pre-move survey, and as we walked around the property she expressed her concerns about the move and in particular some very expensive artwork, she was very worried about having such short notice to move as it was just a few days away.

After putting her at ease and talking through her concerns she relaxed and thanked me for my time and patience in going through the process with her and fully explaining what we would do to protect her valuable artwork and furniture.

I was satisfied to leave Mary, (as she now wanted us to call her) in a much better place then when I arrived.

Two days later we arrived at 8.30am, firstly we export wrapped all the very precious artwork, using the correct packing materials, this is key to ensuring all the items are protected whilst in transit, Mary had chosen the option to have self-pack so had all the packing materials from ourselves, such as packing boxes bubble wrap, packing paper and tape.

She done a great job of boxing all her belongings up.

We then proceeded to load all the furniture on to our removal lorry, using specially designed sofa and arm chair bags to protect the sofas prior to moving them from the house, we also provided TV bags for the same purpose.

Once on the removal lorry we wraped all furniture in transit blankets and packed it all away strapping it off as we went, to ensure its safe journey

Mary by this time (12noon) was over the moon and very satisfied with the level of service, even taking time to tell us stories of her life, at times very emotional and all the crew showed her great respect and empathy which she thanked us all for. 

She was very happy she had found a local Redditch removal company to move her which made her morning so easy and most of all a pleasure to be with.

So we was now on our way, moving to her to Redditch, this move was so she could be closer to her family. 

On our arrival there was another Redditch moving company still loading up, so we stood with mary as she sat in her car telling us more stories about when she was a young girl and we enjoyed listening just as much as she enjoyed telling us, she was great fun and it made our day very pleasant.

So after a slight delay we then started to unload our removal vehicle, carefully unwrapping and placing all the furniture exactly where Mary wanted it to go in the house, she enjoyed being the boss in her own cheeky way but kept us laughing the whole way through.

Once we had completed the unloading and rebuilt her beds up for her, it then come to the artwork, we carefully carried it in and unwrapped it, she was overjoyed to see it had all arrived just as it had left, it was nearly time to leave mary and after clearing all the waste materials and removing the sofa and armchair covers we then removed all the floor coverings and folded up all the transit blankets, this is done to insure nothing is left on the lorry, and the lorry is ready for the next house removal.

Just as we finished her family arrived to see thier mom in her new home, all our crew agreed that they were happy Mary was not going to be on her own, i felt we had all bonded with mary and she will remain in our thoughts for a long time to come.

We are more than a moving company in Redditch, we thrive on helping people start their new lives, this is what it is all about, being part of someones journey and leaving a positive memory of the big day means the world.

We would like to thank Mary for choosing Thompson and Son Removals And Storage and we loved the stories.

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