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Organising Storage For Moving House

Organising Storage for Moving House

Moving house can be a complex and stressful process, especially when timelines don’t align perfectly. Often, you might find yourself needing temporary accommodation while waiting for your new home to be ready. During such times, one critical challenge is figuring out what to do with your belongings. Organising storage for moving house becomes essential in these situations, providing a practical solution to keep your possessions safe and secure until you can move them into your new home.

Why Consider Storage When Moving House?

When you’re in the midst of buying and selling properties, it’s common for dates to clash. If you’re caught in a chain, flexibility might not always be possible. An effective workaround is to move into rented accommodation or stay with friends or family. However, this only solves the issue of having a place to live. You still need to decide what to do with all your belongings. This is where organising storage for moving house comes in handy. Storage facilities offer a temporary solution, allowing you to store your items for as long as needed.

Assessing Your Storage Needs

Determining the amount of storage space required can be tricky. Generally, for a standard three-bedroom house, around 150 sq ft of storage space is recommended. However, this can vary based on the quantity and type of items you have. Consulting with storage experts, like those at Thompson & Son Removals, can provide you with a more accurate estimate. Our team has extensive experience in handling diverse moving and storage needs, ensuring you get the right amount of space.

Duration of Storage

The duration for which you need storage will depend on your specific circumstances. Ideally, the storage requirement will be short-term, but there are instances where you might need it for several months. For example, if there are delays with the current owners moving out of your new home, placing your items in storage can be more cost-effective and less stressful than re-listing your property. At Thompson & Son Removals, we offer flexible storage options, including discounts for long-term storage beyond six months.

Storing Clothing

When organising storage for moving house, start with your clothing. Seasonal and occasional wear are good candidates for storage. Ensure all clothing items are clean and dry before packing. Use vacuum packing for short-term storage, but avoid this for long-term as it can cause wrinkles and damage. For delicate items, keep them separated by material type. Clothes like dresses, jackets, and suits should be stored on hangers, ideally in wardrobe boxes or covered with garment covers to protect from dust and dirt.

Storing Bedding and Linens

Only keep the essentials with you when moving, and store the rest. Bedding, linens, and towels should also be clean and dry before storage. Vacuum packing is useful for bulky items like duvets. Use hard containers to protect against pests and damage, and consider fabric bags inside plastic boxes for added protection. Adding natural scents like lavender sachets can keep your linens smelling fresh.

Preparing Furniture and Large Items for Storage

Furniture and large items like pianos often constitute the bulk of items in storage when moving house. Wrap furniture in protective materials to prevent damage. Avoid shrink-wrapping upholstered furniture for extended periods as it can trap moisture and cause mould. Use climate-controlled storage units for optimal protection against environmental factors. Proper wrapping and storage practices ensure your furniture remains in good condition.

Maintaining Security and Condition

Security and preservation of items are paramount when using storage for moving house. Thompson & Son Removals offers high-security units to keep your belongings safe. Climate-controlled environments protect against dampness and pests. For wooden and leather furniture, applying a protective wax can help maintain their condition. Ensuring that items are not stacked improperly can also prevent damage.


Organising storage for moving house is an excellent solution for handling the logistical challenges of mismatched moving dates. By assessing your storage needs, ensuring proper packing, and choosing the right storage facility, you can make your move smoother and less stressful. Thompson & Son Removals is here to assist you with flexible, secure, and reliable storage solutions tailored to your specific requirements. Contact us today to discuss your storage needs and ensure a hassle-free moving experience.

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