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Removals we did for a client in redditch

A client who lived nearby Redditch needed a Redditch removal company. They decided to go with Thompson and Son Removals and storage. This client required a full packing service as well as a removal. The materials that were needed for the client’s items were: used furniture blankets to wrap and protect items such as sofa’s, delicate chairs, pictures, paintings, and mirrors which will also be bubbled wrapped for double protection. This Redditch removal company also offers a fragile pack service in which fragile dinner sets would need to be protected. Materials used for this service would be paper and bubble wrap depending on how big the items are, these same materials would be used for other items such as glasses, mugs, pots, and pans. The client also had glass Chyna which is also export wrapped for security as they are very brittle.  The company aims to use these materials mostly in the kitchen area as well as other areas in the property, flat pack can also be given regarding big, framed pictures which would be taped around to keep them safe. Each item will go into either a large of small box depending on the weight and height of each item.

Thompson and Son Removals of Redditch also used wardrobe cartons as one of their main packing products for items such as shirts, ties, suits, or other clothes that belong in the wardrobe. This reduces the risk of creases in the client’s clothes or any damages.

Removals We Did For A Client In Redditch

The client decided to go with Thompson and son removals as she liked the fact that it is a family run business that has been running since 1962. They started out as a small family run business operating out of the west midlands and has since progressed into a nationwide domestic and commercial company, the client took pride in this as she was an elderly retired businesswoman.

 As a company Thompson and Son Removals take everything into consideration therefore for the client to see it is a trustworthy and reliable company, they offer an insurance policy for all the clients belongings. This also sets the client’s mind at ease and gives them faith in Thompson’s as a company. The client compared quotes with other companies and agreed that the price range was of a competitive advantage.

The client also had a Piano which was very sentimental to her upbringing which the Redditch company had to willingly move. This was not a challenge to the removals team as they have all the materials for this type of experience. The packaging supplies which were used for this were a Grand Piano Slider and the item was craned through a second-floor window safely and securely.

The client also required the dismantling of her furniture in which the team would dismantle at the loading address and rebuild at the off-load address. This takes the stress off the client as she has a service in which the job is done for her professionally. All items are loaded onto the van and the team continue to offload until the vehicles are empty and the client is satisfied with their move.

All vehicles are checked every 6 weeks for safeguarding reasons, therefore the client’s belongings will remain safe at all times during transport.

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