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180 New Homes Brings the Promise that Many New Families Will Soon Make the Move to Birmingham

An exciting development, as recently reported in The Business Desk, that underscores the burgeoning appeal of the Midlands, SevenHomes has kicked off 2024 with a significant stride in its expansion efforts. With the exchange of three strategic sites, encompassing a total of 18 acres of land across the region, this move is set to bolster the ongoing growth and vitality of Birmingham and its surrounding areas. This initiative is not just a testament to SevenHomes’ commitment to addressing the housing crisis, but also a beacon of opportunity for those considering a move to Birmingham.

The planned development will see more than 180 homes springing up in Bromsgrove, Newport, and Bridgnorth, along with the creation of public open spaces, aiming to enhance the quality of life for residents and encourage more people to move to Birmingham. Each location has been chosen with care, ensuring that the new housing developments are well integrated within their respective communities and contribute positively to the local environment.

The largest of these sites is located in Newport, spanning 10 acres. It is envisioned as an extension to the western settlement boundary, with plans to introduce 100 family homes. This development is not just about providing new housing; it’s about creating a community and making a move to Birmingham an attractive prospect for families looking for a blend of modern living within a supportive community structure.

In north Bromsgrove, a 4-acre site is set to deliver 50 homes, including a significant portion designated as affordable housing. This initiative underscores SevenHomes’ dedication to inclusivity and social responsibility, ensuring that the move to Birmingham is accessible to a wider range of people. The inclusion of public open space in this development is a thoughtful touch, highlighting the importance of green, communal areas in fostering community spirit and well-being.

Bridgnorth will see the transformation of a 4-acre, partly brownfield site within the settlement boundary of Highley, with plans to deliver 33 homes. A planning application for this residential development is expected to be submitted in the summer, marking another step forward in the region’s growth. This development, like its counterparts, is poised to offer new opportunities for those considering a move to Birmingham, providing a range of housing options designed to meet diverse needs and preferences.

As a removals company, we’re genuinely excited about the new developments across the Midlands. The construction of over 180 homes in Bromsgrove, Newport, and Bridgnorth means a lot of new faces and moving days for us to look forward to. Every new house built is a chance for us to help someone start a fresh chapter in Birmingham, and we’re here to make those moves as easy as possible.

We see this expansion as a great thing for the area and our business. It means more people moving to Birmingham, and that’s more opportunities for us to do what we do best: helping families and individuals settle into their new homes without a hitch. Whether it’s a big family house or a cosy flat, we’re ready to make each move smooth and stress-free.

The new developments aren’t just about the houses; they’re about bringing more life into the community with public spaces where people can meet and relax. We’re all about community, so we love seeing these spaces included in the plans.

For us, each move we help with is a chance to welcome someone new to Birmingham. We’re excited about the growth and ready to offer our services to make moving day a breeze for everyone involved. So, as Birmingham continues to grow, we’re here to make moving simple and hassle-free, helping everyone feel at home in their new place from day one.

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