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Thompson & Son - West Midland Removals

Super Size Moving Kit | Includes All Your Moving Supplies | Durable and Reusable | Perfect for Moving Homes and Offices


This Super Size Moving Kit is everything you need to make your move stress-free! Packed with 10 x Small Moving Boxes, 24 x Medium General Moving Boxes, 18 x Double Strength Medium Boxes, 15 x Double Strength Large Moving Boxes, 3 x Extra Wide Moving Boxes, 3 x Wardrobe Boxes, 1 x Packing Paper x 500 sheets, 1 x Bubble Wrap 300mm x 100 meters, 6 x Packing Tape – Brown, and 1 x Black Marker Pen, all your packing needs are here. Whether moving to a new house or just doing some spring-cleaning, this kit has everything you need to get your possessions safely moved to your new location.


10 x Small moving boxes
24 x Medium general moving boxes
18 x Double strength medium boxes
15 x Double strength large moving boxes
3 x Extra wide moving boxes
3 x Wardrobe Boxes
1 x Packing paper x 500 sheets
1 x Bubble wrap 300 mm x 100 meters
6 x Packing tape – brown
1 x Black marker pen

In total, this kit contains 10 small moving boxes, 24 medium general moving boxes, 18 double strength medium boxes, 15 double strength large moving boxes, 3 extra wide moving boxes, 3 wardrobe boxes, 500 sheets of packing paper, 300 mm of bubble wrap for 100 meters, 6 rolls of packing tape, and 1 black marker pen. Perfect for large and extra-large house moves, this moving kit has it all!