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Black Marker Pen | Durable & Long-lasting | Waterproof | Perfect for Writing on Boxes to Show What Possessions are Inside


• Black Marker Pen made with long lasting pigment
• Perfect for labeling boxes and other surfaces
• Writes smoothly, quickly drying and not smudging
• Waterproof, fade-proof and acid-free for long lasting use
• Ideal for marking possessions, making notes, writing texts and adding details


This Black Marker Pen is the perfect tool for writing on boxes or other items to identify what belongs in them. The black ink is thick and opaque, so it is highly visible and will not be removed easily. The pen is designed to not leak and has a long lasting, durable tip to prevent wear and tear over time. The ergonomic shape of the pen fits comfortably in your hand, allowing you to write precisely and quickly. It is also lightweight, making it easy to transport and use on the go.

With this Black Marker Pen, you’ll be able to clearly and accurately label what possessions are stored in any box or other item. The ink is quick drying, so it won’t smudge and will stay put for a long time. Plus, you can easily remove the ink with a damp cloth if needed. Whether you’re organizing your home or office space, this marker pen is the perfect choice for getting the job done with ease. So pick up a Black Marker Pen today and keep your belongings organized and secure.