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Thompson & Son local removals service guide

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Thank you for choosing Thompson & Son for your move! From getting a quote to the big moving day, this guide will provide you with all the information and resources you need to ensure a successful transition. Furthermore, at the end of the guide is a handy checklist so that you can make sure everything is prepared in advance. In case of any further queries, please do not hesitate to reach out to us – we hope that this guide makes your move as stress-free as possible!

We'll get you from A to B safely How to get started - The moving Survey

Get in touch with Thompson & Son, and our friendly, experienced movers will be happy to answer your questions and assess your home; you can opt for either a traditional home survey or a virtual video survey – the former usually taking up to an hour while the latter can be done remotely at your own convenience. We will also ask about fragile or valuable items so as to suggest the most suitable packaging methods to ensure that they remain safe during transit.

Thompson &Amp; Son Removals - A Birmingham Removals Company
Thompson &Amp; Son Removals - A Birmingham Removals Company

Moving costs

The price of your move will depend on the size of your home and how many things you have. You also need to include any extra services you might need, like packing and storage, in the cost. We offer a no-obligation free quote, and we can provide you with information about any additional services you may require.

Our quote for your move covers the actual moving of items, including any packing, VAT, transit insurance and insurance premium tax.

Move Schedule

We’ll give you a plan with the dates and times of when your move is supposed to happen. We’ll work around what works best for you so everything runs like clockwork, and we’ll let you know if anything changes or gets delayed. You can count on our local removals service for flexibility. 

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Thompson &Amp; Son Removals - A Birmingham Removals Company

Storage Fees

We can offer you long- and short-term storage for items you don’t want to take straight away. We will let you know the cost when we provide your quote, which will depend on the volume of items you need to store and how long you’ll need them stored.

Planning Your Move

We can offer you a secure place to store your things, no matter if you need them stored long run or just for a few short weeks or months. We can provide you with an estimate that includes the cost of storage with your move.

Thompson &Amp; Son Removals - A Birmingham Removals Company
Thompson &Amp; Son Removals - A Birmingham Removals Company

Insurance and Waivers

Feel confident that your possessions are safe and sound while they’re getting moved. We’ve got a trusted insurer that provides Goods in Transit and Storage Insurance and would pay for or replace any damaged items with a valid claim. Also, you don’t have to pay an extra charge with this policy. Plus, our Waiver coverage protects both places from any unexpected damage plus gives you the flexibility of making changes if needed, like not being able to move on time or having to halt the move suddenly. You can place trust in our local removals service.

Cancellation Waiver

There are no more worries about extra charges if you are forced to cancel or delay your confirmed move. Get Cancellation Waiver coverage in case you have a change of plans.

Accepting a Quote

To book your move, review and contact Thompson & Son for confirmation. Then fill out the acceptance form that comes with the quotation, checking off all services that are required. Sign and send back the form to us, making your payment with a debit or credit card. Please make sure there is enough space available for vehicles – they are of similar size to a double-decker bus!

Thompson &Amp; Son Removals - A Birmingham Removals Company

Prepare for your move

Pack your items into strong cardboard boxes, half-fill them with heavier objects such as books, and fill the top half with lighter items. Attics/lofts should be cleared, and the items placed in an accessible spot before the move. Appliances, such as washers and fridges, should be disconnected, drained and dried pre-move. Curtains, blinds and fixtures should be removed beforehand, and pictures/mirrors should be stacked for loading first.

Clothing should stay on hangers with wardrobe cartons for these items; other clothing should be packed into suitcases. Bedding and linen can simply be folded onto beds before packing them away. Electronic devices should also have their cords fastened together while they are being disconnected. China, glassware and ornaments must all be individually wrapped before boxing them up securely.

If you have pets or children in tow during your move, it is best to leave them with friends or family members instead of bringing them along. High-value smaller items should also not be transported by us as they are not insured; wrap these items in protective material and transport them yourself instead.

Once the move has been completed, our team will contact you shortly afterwards to ensure that everything went smoothly and see if there is anything else we can do for you during this time of transition. Contact us for a quote on the #1 local removals service.

Checklist: 14-28 days before the move

  • Dispose of any unwanted items and start your packing plan.
  • Choose a definitive moving date and notify insurance, utility companies, banks, credit card companies, phone/broadband companies and other institutions of the address change.
  • Contact the DVLA to inform them of your new address and arrange a Royal Mail redirect from the day of the move.
  • Contact the TV Licence company before beginning to watch TV at your new place.
  • Find new GPs and dentists; let previous practices know that you are leaving and provide them with updated details.
  • Let HMRC and pension providers know your new address along with registering for your new local council area.
  • Update shopping apps – no one likes their essentials delivered to the wrong house after moving day!

Checklist: 7-14 days before

  • Give utility companies 48 hours’ notice of the move.
  • Return any items loaned from the local library, and hire companies or friends.
  • Create a ‘survival kit’ for the first day in the new home – this should include light bulbs, toilet roll, kettle and tea/coffee.
  • Check the availability of keys and make plans to collect them.
  • Empty and defrost your fridge/freezer before moving.
  • Fully empty and disconnect all appliances, ready for their move.

Checklist: Moving day

  • Add any last-minute must-haves to the ‘survival kit’.
  • Pack bedding and clearly label it for each bedroom.
  • Walk around the house/garden to check for forgotten items; lock windows/doors; leave keys in an agreed place.
  • Take meter readings and provide them to the supplier.
  • Sign the completion form once everything is delivered.
  • Relax – it’s moving day!